Fulltime DJ's, Producers, Artists & Musicians Needed Immediately
"Online networking collaboration to create transformative opportunities for all"

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~ Please Read the Whole Welcome From Step By Step Solutions, we are HERE FOR YOU! ~

You will get every gig you really want,  you will never again need to look for guidance, this team will be your resource! We look forward to working with you and getting to know you!

Simply put , We get Artists paid what they are worth, for doing what they love!

Fast Growing Startup needs DJ's, Producers, Artists, Creatives, Designers, and Coders. Program works for everyone! This is the sign you have been waiting for. We would love to have you apply for our new Creative Income Assurance Startup.

Become a part of a team building the next generation of musicians.  
We support, guide and develop talented musicians from where ever they are at.  

All artists here will become skilled in self promotion, branding, negotiations, and networking fields of their own career, as well as be able to help others easily realize they can guide their own Artistic Journey. 

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 Our proven system earns you an amazing weekly income, with minimal work from home, or anywhere in the world online.
Just a few hours a day, helping others create a better life for themselves and helping sharing their creativity with the world.**

We have Consultant positions available NOW in the US and Canada. You are the liason who will create new talent roadmaps to success, and guide and support them as they attain their goals. We train you exactly how to be successful, and you provide the creative spark to make that rocket take off!

Time to put the "starving artist" fallacy to rest, let's eat!
  • It is time the Artist and the creative process are recognized as just as important as the final outcome.
  • You deserve to live the life of your dreams, guided by passion and love for what you do.  
  • No more need to struggle to survive. It is time to THRIVE!
  • At Step by Step, we provide support, guidance and resources for free to those who work vigorously towards their goals.
  • Every step of the way, we have you covered! 


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No more talk, let's ACT. It is as easy as you think, I will WALK you through it, ALL. 100% of the way.

Our Social Creative Business Consultancy is the business of the future, and the future is now! Hop aboard and let's do what we love, share our passions, while enabling others to do the same!!

-Musicians, Your success is both our priority and motivation! Start today, there is no better time! Tomorrow is just a place where excuses live.  :)

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